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2018-07-15 Truly Knowing Christ (XIII)
Can I Get Some Witnesses?
John 5:30-46
Reggie Archie
2018-07-08 Truly Knowing Christ (XII)
Life in the Spirit
John 5:21
Pastor Robert Scott and Marcia
2018-07-01 Truly Knowing Christ (XI)
Ears to Hear
John 5:6
Pastor Robert Scott
2018-06-24 Truly Knowing Christ (X)
Go your way, the Church lives
John 4:43-54
Pastor Reggie Archie
Run to the Arms of Our Heavenly Father
Luke 15:17-24, Psalm 103: 8-14, Romans 8:12-17
Pastor Joseph
2018-06-10 Truly Knowing Christ (IX)
Fill Up My Cup, Lord
John 4:1-30, 39-42
Marlin Tien
2018-06-03 Truly Knowing Christ (VIII)
My Choice, Judgement or Grace?
John 3:22-36
Pastor Robert Scott
2018-05-27 Truly Knowing Christ (VII)
Birthing Something New
John 3:1-12
Pastor Reggie Archie
2018-05-20 Truly Knowing Christ (VI)
Jesus Cleansing the Temple
John 2:13-22, 1Co 6:15-20
Pastor David Hwang
Jochebed: A mother's surrender, release, and trust
exodus 1:6-2:8
Marlin Tien

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