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Life Turned Around, A Glorious, Victorious and Meaningful Life
John 12:12-50
Pastor Louis Shaw
New Generation, New Wine, New Wineskin
Luke 5:32-38
Pastor Joseph
2018-10-28 When Will I See You Again
John 12:20-26, Mark 1:14-15
Pastor Reggie Archie
2018-10-21 Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord
John 12:13
2018-10-14 Fear is a Liar
John 14:1, 10:31-42, Phil 4:6-7
Scott Poland
2018-10-07 Waiting upon Jesus
John 11:1-44
Pastor Robert Scott
2018-09-30 Tell me what the Father does
John 10:31-42
Dan Cheng
2018-09-23 Who's on First
John 10:27
Pastor Robert Scott
2018-09-09 Arise and Shine! Pastor Reggie Archie
2018-09-02 FROZEN
Acts 5:38-42, John 8:31-36, Heb. 2:10
Pastor Robert Scott and Marcia

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